KadalCompass™ itself is a comprehensive solution that aims in providing a most reliable, innovative and one-stop solution for the fishermen folks who travel on the sea for infinite days at a single stretch in the anticipation of profitable fishing task with the following Unique features as Life safety Alarm, Nearest Port Guide, Fish types suggestions, Net safety, Fisherman Guide, Text and Talk, Fish Finder, Fishing Path Guide, Danger Point Guide, Underwater camera , Missing Ship Finder, Border Crossing Alert

The part of Module Kadalcompass Provides Solution for Millions of Fishermen all over the country with Unique Lifesaving Features during Fishing and the coastal guards and govt will also be benefited with this a Unique Innovation solution with High-End Technologies.


Voice and text Communication without depending on one third party network service provider for Ship to Shore and Vice-versa, Also Between the boats.
Underwater geographical picture and also the black point identification system enabling to know the safer net laying areas.
Save the lives of fellow fishermen’s those who fall off the boat without being noticed by the other fishermen on the fishing boats
Locating the lost boats or fishing vehicle which gets sunk in the deep water based on the methodologies that are technologically advanced. Locating those fishermen’s who go missing because of Boat Capsize, Weather disaster etc
Disaster Alerts, Management & Recovery – Earthquakes, Storms, Tsunami, Bad weather conditions