Oceanic Research Data

Protecting and Predicting the Ecology of Ocean using an Ocean data mining in an organized method of data, media as Live data as a big data and for a data analytics in the cloud to have an organized ocean Real-time data to have the sea life researcher, Universities, weather forecasting, for predicting the live data for disaster management and to protect the deep-sea life and to increase eco-friendly catch and also to analyze and Maintain the Big data collection of different values, images and other of Marine and fishes.


An organized ocean life data mining to have the research and protect ocean life and increase eco friendly catch.
We use high end technology to have the big data on the cloud and interface for the appropriate usage.
Cage fishing and other fishing related data mining and store and use in an organize method.
Data Mining of danger points such as rocks which damage the fishing nets, ocean waste and other.

An organized data and media of the ocean to have the predication or compare of the research.