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Ocean Technology
Innogle provides Solution to Ocean workers, Ocean security and Ocean research which enable Profitable fishing, Life safety of the ocean works, ocean data mining and processing data, Search and rescue technology and other solutions using
AI, Robotics, IoUT and Other.

Ocean Data Mining

Carpet ocean data mining and processing data for different processes.

Safety Secure Ocean

Ocean workers life safety, automated digital identity and more.


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Innogle’s Innovation

Our Products & Services

Our innovative, award winning, deeptech, Environmental, social and corporate governance product and
solutions are listed bellow.
Touch Screen Fishing Device

AI Integrated Fishing Device

ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) enabled, AI Integrated IoUT (Internet of Underwater Things) a Touch screen device connected with number of under water devices which is used for life safety and 26 unique features for profitable fishing to catch fish without damaging the ecosystem and under regulatory base fishing.
  • Life safety solution for ocean workers.
  • Artificial intelligence enable fishing device.
  • Prevent ocean security and fishing theft and many more.
Under Water Fishing Device
Underwater Fishing Device
A cost effective under water device which enable prediction of fish, attract the fish depend on the season and regulatory norms.This device identified fish using Conventional neural network under water analyze and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Profitable fishing under regulatory norms.
  • Automation and link with KC Device.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
Smart Life Safety Watch
Smart Life Safety Watch
The smart life safety watch which can be linked with KC Device (Kadal Compass fishing device) to protect the life safety of fishermen and ocean workers. This watch will be the digital identity for the ocean workers and it can be track and trace if a ocean worker fell down in the ocean.
  • Life safety of ocean workers.
  • Digital Identity of ocean workers.
  • Solution to track and trace the missing ocean workers.
Fishing Vessel Securtiy
Locating the lost boats or fishing vehicle which gets sunk in the deep water based on the methodologies that are technologically advanced. Locating those fishermen’s who go missing because of Boat Capsize, Weather disaster etc
  • Live Fishing Acitivities
  • Real-Time Location Tracker
  • Preventing theft of Boats
SARROF For Search & Rescue
SARROF™ the Search and Rescue Robotic Ocean Floater and Flyer to facilitate the defense primarily for coast guards or navy to automate the Rescue process and coastal Security.
  • Identification of fishermen
  • Fly and monitor ocean workes
  • Communicate and stream live underwater view
Ocean Research Data Mining
Protecting and Predicting the Ecology of Ocean using an Ocean data mining in an organized method of data, media as Live data as a big data and for a data analytics in the cloud to have an organized ocean Real-time data to have the sea life researcher, Universities, weather forecasting, for predicting the live data for disaster management and to protect the deep-sea life and to increase eco-friendly catch and also to analyze and Maintain the Big data collection of different values, images and other of Marine and fishes.
  • Data mining of ocean life
  • Alerting the Oceanic danger points
  • Secure Big Data during data Mining

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Ocean Technology
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Ocean Data Processing
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